SNaP Identifier Ontology

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The Identifier Ontology models non-RDF based Identifiers for resources. The enables us to maintain a mapping between RDF resources identifiers and their equivalent IDs in an alternate, non-RDF based domain.

Design Notes

Classes or instances that inherit from Identifiable can have Identifiers associated with them using the hasIdentifier property. The Authority is the domain or namespace that the identifier belongs to.

Overview Of Terms

An alphabetical index of the ontology terms, divided into classes, properties and individuals. All the terms are hyperlinked to their detailed description for quick reference.

Classes: | Identifiable | Identifier | Authority

Properties: | hasIdentifier | authority | value

Ontology Terms


Class: Identifiable

Label An Identifiable resource type
Status testing

An instance that is Identifiable can have an Identifier associated with it.

Class: Identifier

Label An Identifier for a resource
Status testing

An ID for a given resource. For example a literal ID from a legacy system

Class: Authority

Label The Authority for an Identifier
Status testing

The Authority for an Identifier, for example the domain or namespace within which an ID is contained

Object Properties

Property: hasIdentifier

LabelAssociates an Identifier to an Identifiable thing
Range Identifier
Domain Identifiable

Associates an Identifier to an Identifiable thing

Property: authority

LabelIndicates the ID Authority of an Identifier
Range Authority
Domain Identifier

Property defining the containing authority of an Identifier

Datatype Properties

Property: value

Labelthe value of the Identifier
Domain Identifier

Property indicating the literal value of the Identifier